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Burrata with three tomatoes €12.90

Tomato confit, tomato jam, fresh tomatoes and pipes.

Goat cheese salad €9.80

With a mixture of lettuce, nuts, cherry tomato, carrot and blueberry vinaigrette.

Smoked salmon and avocado salad €9.80

With its citrus vinaigrette.

Vegetable corner

Carmena Burger €9.90

Ivy burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, barbecue sauce and potatoes.

“V” Hot Dog €6.40

Frankfurt with tofu, cucumbers, crispy onions and potatoes.

Vegetable burrito €9.10

Ivy, vegetable samfaina and cheese sauce.

Hummus of chickpeas with pipes €7.50
Mushroom croquettes €6.90


Spicy potatoes €5.90 / XL €6.90
Pipa fries €6.90

Potatoes with bacon and cream cheese.

Nachos Wey €12.90

Nachos with our guacamole, beans, “picón de gallón”, minced meat and cheese.

Caramelized goat cheese €7.50
Broken potatoes with Iberian ham €9.50
Chicken or pork burrito €8.90
Marinated fins €7.70
Chicken fingers €8.60

Homemade nuggets with their sauces.

Moruno pork skewer €7.90
Fish & chips €8.90
Anchovies from l'Escala on toast with brie cheese €9.90
Honey cod strips with tempura €11.90
Grilled octopus with potato parmentier €17.50
Baby squids in Andalusian style €11.90
Roman style squid rings €13.20
Grilled squid €13.70
Iberian or roast ham croquettes €6.90
Our FOIE MI CUIT with toast and fig jam €13.90
Iberian ham table €17.30
Bread with tomato €2.90

Cold sandwiches

Escala anchovies with brie cheese €7.40
Tuna, pepper and boiled egg €6.90
Nordic sandwich €7.50

Salmon, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce.

Iberian ham €8.50
Iberian sausage €6.50
Sandwich €6.10

Tuna, sweet ham, cheese, hard-boiled egg, lettuce and tomato.

Hot sandwiches

Chicken with apple compote and cheese €6.90
Ham and cheese-stuffed and crunchy corn coated fried pork chops €6.90
Country ham with melted brie €6.80
Serranito €6.95

Sweet ham, country ham, loin and cheese.

Flamenquín €6.95

Country ham, loin and green pepper.

Catalan €6.90

Sausages with samfaina.

“Pincho moruno” €6.90

Moruno pork skewer

Majorcan €6.90

Sobrassada, goat cheese and lettuce.

"Madrilenyu" €8.50

Roman squid rings and mayonnaise.

Sirloin, bacon and cheese €6.70

Burgers by Pipa

Pipa Burger €10.90

Beef burger (130 gr.) with cheese, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce and fries.

Ranchera €11.90

Beef burger (130 gr.) with cheese, egg, bacon, pickles, barbecue sauce and fries.

Cabrona with “3 onions” €12.50

Beef burger (130 gr.) with goat cheese, caramelized onions, onion jam, crispy onions and fries.

Quiriqui €11.90

Chicken burger (130 gr.) with crispy, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, mustard mayonnaise sauce and fries.

XL hot dog €6.40

Smoked sausage, pickles, crispy onions and fries.

To finish!

Chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream €5.90
New York Cheesecake €5.90
Carrot Cake €5.80
Crepes €5.50

Chocolate, nutella, condensed milk, sweet milk, Grand Marnier.

Chocolate truffles €5.30
Valencian €5.80

Orange juice, vanilla ice cream and drops of Grand Marnier.

Häagen-Dazs ice cream (100 ml.) €3.95

Macadamia, chocolate or strawberry cheesecake.

Irish coffee €5.30


Estrella Damm €2.50

Catalan, Lager type with barley malt, rice and hops (5.4º).

Free Damm €2.50

Non-alcoholic beer.

Unpublished €3.00

Catalan, aromatic, fruity and slightly cloudy (4.8º).

Plot IPA €3.30

Catalana, 8 hops, Indian Pale Ale type (6.6º).

Malquerida €2.90

Catalan with malt, corn, orange and flower of Jamaica, red type (5.0º).

Keler 2,90 €

Basque, Lager type (6.5º).

Bock Damm €2.70

Catalan with 3 varieties of malt, type Black Munich Lager (5.9º).

AK Damm €3.00

Catalan, Pilsen type (4.8º).

Coronita €3.70

Mexican, Pilsen type (4.6º).

Desperados €3.80

French flavored with tequila (5.9º).

Paulaner 0.5l €4.50

Germany Wheat beer (5.5º).

Guinness €3.80

Irish, Stout type black (4.2º).

Leffe €3.60

Belga d’Abadia, Indian Pale Ale type (6.6º).

Chimay €4.40

Belgian, Trappist type. Dark beer (9º).

Unika Original/Double €4.10

Catalana Premium Km 0 | Original (5º) | Double (7º).

Daura €2.90

Gluten-free Catalan, Lager Pilsen type (5.4º).

Apple Thief

Sweet and refreshing cider (cider), gluten-free.
0.33 L | €3.60

Cane, cup or jug

Estrella Damm<br>
€1.95 | €2.50 | €3.80
Turia Märzen<br>
€2.00 | €2.60 | €3.95
Voll Damm<br>
€2.05 | €2.70 | €4.00
€2.00 | €2.60 | €3.95

Wines, cavas and sangrias

MARREC. D.O. Empordà, red, white or rosé. €12.40
CUATRO GOTAS. D.O. Rioja, red, Tempranillo. €13.30
PHENOMENAL Verdejo. D.O. Rueda, white. €14.50
GRAN AMAT Brut Nature. D.O. Cava. €13.50
LLOPART Brut Nature Reserva. D.O. Corpinat. €16.90
MARREC D.O. wine glass Emporda €3.40
GRAN AMAT glass of cava. €3.50
Wine sangria €12.90
Cava sangria €14.90


Mojito. Sweet Acid €7.90

Lime, brown sugar, mint, rum and sparkling water.

Mojito. No Alcohol €6.90
Caipirinha. Acid. €7.90

Lime, brown sugar and cachaça.

Caipiroshka. Acid. €7.90

Vodka, lime and sugar.

Pineapple Colada fruity €7.90

White rum, pineapple juice, coconut liqueur and cream.

Orgasm. Sweet and creamy. €7.90

White rum, coffee liqueur, amaretto, whiskey cream and cream.

Aperol Spritz. Refreshing bitter aperitif. €7.90

Cava, Aperol and sparkling water.

Margarita. Citrus. €7.90

Tequila, lemon and lime juice, orange liqueur.

Mai Tai. fruity €7.90

Vodka, coconut juice, lime juice and pineapple juice.

Strawberry daiquiri. fruity €7.90

Rum, strawberry juice, lemon and lime juice.

Long Island Iced Tea. Sec. €7.90

Vodka, gin, triple sec, rum, tequila and coke.

Cosmopolitan. fruity €7.90

Vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice and lime juice.

San Francisco. fruity €7.90

Gin, pineapple juice, orange juice, peach juice, redcurrant and sparkling water.

San Francisco. No alcohol €6.90

Gin Tonic

Beefeater €7.00

(Prepared with lemon).

Bombay Sapphire €7.30

(Prepared with lemon).

Seagram's €7.30

(Prepared with orange).

Puerto de Indias €7.30

(Prepared with strawberry and lime).

Saffron gin €8.30

(Prepared with lemon and orange peel).

Bulldog €8.60

(Prepared with lime and red fruits).

Northern €8.80

(Prepared with laurel).

The London No.1 €9.10

(Prepared with cinnamon and orange).

Hendrick's €9.30

(Prepared with rose petals and cucumber).

Brockmans €10.30

(Prepared with berries and lime).

G-Vigne €12.10

(Prepared with grapes and lime).

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